Overflow Lyrics



I want you
I need you
I want you

I want you
I need you
I want you
To be the one, to be the one

All my questions turn to stone
In turn, now i'm all alone

Dreams dont last

Who wants you?
Who needs you?
Who wants you?
Your not the one, your not the one



Piece together this masterpiece
Presents a struggle to...
Overcome and wash away defeat
I've found it can't make due
Everyday faces pass like the wind
Normal colors all blend to blue

Oh-oh-oh You will see
Oh-oh-oh You and me
Oh-oh-oh You will see
Oh-oh-oh You and me

Love & hate, the war will it end?
Or is it even worth fighting for?
If I'm held back, catch me when I fall
Or will I hit the floor?




Stare into a world of Darkness and Greed
A vision of a perfect you and an imperfection of me
My sombre thoughts keeps digging deeper
As a Tear drops each night for you
Tears that never dry
Never dry cos your still there

In the back of my mind
A twisting cloud of confusion spins on end
As i wonder through the path of life
I witness my road crumble before me
Everything drops out
Including a glimmer of any smile
My hope, My destiny, My fear
You brought it all back

I detest you
(but you dont care)
I detest you
(Your playin me)

Yo, yo break it down

Oh yeah, c'mon

I thought you were different from the rest of them bitches in my life
I guess not, you screwed me over like every one of those whores
Yea well this ones for you
I tried to be a little more kind to you but you went and screwed it all up
I thought that you would be th eone to change things, but no
I should have seen it coming, it came so fast, straight through my heart
Well fuck you!

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