"It really doesn't matter. Like sometimes I'm in a crunchy mood, sometimes I'm in a creamy mood, ya know?"

"That's some good shit... I MEAN STUFF!" (Nightmare Before Christmas hat)

"No, my name is Billina!!"

"There will be no ass-signing tonight, I'm sorry for the inconvienence"

"I murdered Paul's entire family."

"I know how much of a pain dragging your guitar around is."

"If you stand in front of the mirror, holding 1 dozen roses, you'll see 13 of the most beautiful things."

"Its cool to piss your pants."

"I'm really into girls that try to be a little different from everybody else but are very classy at the same time."

"I used to just watch cartoons. Sit in front of the tv and watch cartoons with a piece of paper and a pencil. I would draw every cartoon character. I wanted to work for Disney really bad and be an animator. I'd sit around and draw all day long. I never really went out and played in the woods with a bunch of snakes under rocks. I was scared of snakes. I was pretty little so I would just sit around and draw. That's all I really did. I listened to "It's not easy being green" by Kermit on a record player in my headphones every single day. That was big on my list." (Talking about what he was like as a kid)

"I used to go in everyday and hang out, just cause there were so many hot girls that worked there. I'd get a haircut every day." (talking about the twins job)

"Benji likes to match his underwear with his hair. We caught him wearing a pink thong once, and we video taped it."

"I would be Ken, so i could be getting up Barbie all day"

"Picture? SURE! you want a picture? let's take a picture!"

"That's groovy, dude!"

"Benji always claim to be an insomniac, but I swear as soon as we go on the van, he's like dead asleep"

"As far as favorite foods go, I'm a vegeterian. If i had to choose a favorite food, it would be Peanut butter"

"You don't want to go near the inside of that..our van stinks!"

I'm not famous!, you're just all crazy"

"Before i started playing music, I was really into art. I've been drawing since i was young and if I weren't in a band i'd probably be an animator or a comic book artist:

"I'm a goody goody. I never do bad things"

"I was good right?"

"I like to hang out outside and meet new friends, otherwise i'd be in a dressing room right now all bored and stuff"

"Hey guyz, you ready for some rock and roll?"

Girl: I'm only coming for the night show

Billy: WUT! there goes my heart walking down the street

Fan: Sign my jacket

Billy: Are you sure? this is a nice jacket

Other girl: Christa, your mom will KILL you!

Fan: It's my jacket, just sign it Billy

Other girl: It was 50$ !

Billy: Oh my god! This was 50$? Are you sure? I dont want to get in trouble

"Oh! i thought you wanted a hug"

"We-e-e-We-e-e, We-e-e-We-e-e, We-e-e-e-e-We-e-e-e--e-e, Worldwide. Alright! that's all you're getting

"When i was 14 I started to work at McDonalds"

"My favorite band of all time, I't sort of like a stupid band that people really dont respect, but it's Silverchair. They're my favorite band in the world"

"People keep saying I look like Daniel Johns with that haircut"

"Do you know how much stuff it takes to make my hair stay up?!"

"Why don't you come in the picture with me?...It'll be more special that way"

"We'll get a tan, get to hang outside all summer, meet some really cool kids and hopefully get to meet a lot of new bands, so it'll totally be worth it"

"You got any more dude?"

"I like pretty shirts with stars on them"

"You're not gonna get categorized, You can't help but have somebody say something about the band"

"One day we can walk hand in hand down the road toward a rainbow all happy"

"I don't really think there is such a thing as a band selling out"

Thanks again to "good charlotte community" for those

"Our fans are the best"


Fan: hey Billy! can ya sign my arm?

Billy: Sure thing sweetie!

other fan: Hey Billy! can ya sign my ass?

Billy: There will be no ass singning tonight, i'm sorry for the inconvenience

"~If you want me to wait, i will wait for you~ "You figure it's a nice love song...but Benji swears it's about his dog!"

Billy: Do you ever think about Saucepans?

Joel: Saucepans?..Um...No

Billy: Me neither

"I don't know wut I had for breakfst today. It was like...something with woods, i don't know

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